Susan Lucci Tells Me About Working With An Idol


I cornered the amazing Susan Lucci at her book party at the Friars Club last night to tell her I’d turned on All My Chidren the day before and saw her doing a hilarious scene with TV legend Carol Burnett (who brought her Verla Grubbs character back for Tuesday’s episode).

“It was beyond fun,” Lucci told me, right before sitting down to autograph copies of her All My Life: A Memoir.

“I had to take a big breath and calm myself down because I was working with an idol of mine — and playing a comedy scene on top of it!

“At rehearsal, I’d look into her blue eyes and say, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s Carol Burnett,’ but I still had to be in a place where I’m Erica Kane!”

Well, being awestruck and a bitch ain’t easy — as I know all too well — but Lucci totally pulled it off.