Comments of the Week: Claim Your Village Voice T-Shirt, Winners!


It’s time for our weekly Comments of the Week roundup. Here’s what we do: we choose the funniest or most thought-provoking or least asinine comments and reward the authors of those comments with a tasteful Village Voice t-shirt. If you’re a winner, email our Web Editor Francesca Stabile ( and she’ll send you a shirt! Forthwith, the comments that made us LOL, scratch our heads, whatever:

Most Enthusiastic

Shani, clearly a Twilight fan, really dug Jen’s “71 Things To Do While You Wait For Breaking Dawn to Finally Be Out in Theaters“:

this article is the coolest thing i’ve ever read. the most embarrassing part is that most of it sounds like me, coz i’m die hard team edward. it’s pathetic, i know. i had a really gr8 tym reading it, basically laughing my ass off. good job guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Hospitable

With “Meet New York City’s Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society,” Larryf76 saw a perfect opportunity to let us know about a certain easygoing beach in Florida.

Down in Miami-Dade county Florida we have Haulover Beach which is clothing optional. We get men and women from all over the U. S.,Europe and South America. Sometimes on a weekend we get 6 to 7,000 people. Singles, couples and families. We are all ages, shapes and sizes. Nobody cares and nobody judges. Come on down.


It turns out that DSK’s Tribeca townhouse is back on the market, if you’ve got $50,000 a month to spare in rent. VonLmo wondered, grossly:

“Does the price include the semen stained walls & floors or is that a negotiable extra?”

Congrats, all of you. Remember, send an email to Francesca to get your t-shirts.

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