FDNY Application Filing Period Over September 15


Firefighters are on the minds of a lot of New Yorkers this weekend, and we thought it would be a good time to point out that if you’re interested in becoming one of New York’s bravest, you’ve got a little less than a week to get your application in.

The city is currently recruiting candidates to take the Examination for Open Competitive Firefighter Exam No. 2000, which will be given in early 2012. As we’ve been covering over the past year, the city has been forced by the federal government to devise a new process for recruiting and hiring more minority firefighters.

Despite the obvious dangers of being a New York City firefighter (and there are 343 cases we’ll be particularly mindful of on Sunday), it’s still a job with a tremendous appeal that is sought after by a great many people, perhaps all the more so after September 11th. The city could receive over 20,000 applications for only a couple hundred openings.

Captain Paul Washington of the Vulcan Society told us this week that, despite all the recent efforts to recruit more black and Latino applicants, the numbers are not quite where he would like to see them. A week from the end of the filing period, Washington tells us, 21.3% of applicants are black, a number he was hoping to see come in around 30%.

For more information on applying to be a New York City firefighter, click here.

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