Film Director Predicted 9/11!


At last night’s screening of the Time/HBO documentary Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience, I chatted with James Toback, who wrote Bugsy and the upcoming Gotti flick and wrote/directed works like Black and White and Harvard Man.

So where was he on 9/11?

“I was watching it on television,” Toback related, “and saying out loud to myself, ‘Didn’t I say that this was going to happen?’

“The most ludicrous thing was Condi Rice saying, ‘Who would have thought that an airplane would intentionally fly into a building as a weapon?’

“On her desk were threats that this was going to happen!

“I always thought some weird, nutty guy would try something.

“It’s like knocking a penis down. It’s some kind of arrogant image.”

Wait, there’s more.

Actress/photographer Berry Berenson — Anthony Perkins’s widow — had just given Toback permission on the phone to use a clip of Perkins in The Trial for a film.

She told Toback, “If I come to New York, we can have lunch tomorrow — or I might go from Boston to L.A.”

She chose the latter path.