Green Fig Café and Bakery’s Cowboy Cookie Has Lassoed Our Affections


Robert’s a fan of Sunset Park’s Green Fig Café and Bakery, and after visiting it yesterday, so am I.

Green Fig, which opened recently in a new building on 36th Street, has a wide selection of vegan baked goods that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever eaten Cake Shop’s peanut butter bomb — that’s there, along with an impressive variety of cakes, cookies, and brownies. All of them come from a bakery on Staten Island, and while I’m usually wary of baked goods that are outsourced to large facilities, here there’s no reason to be.

Because in addition to my already professed love for the peanut butter bomb, I’m now enamored of the cowboy cookie, a comically huge creation whose outsize proportions are matched by its general deliciousness. Composed in part of oatmeal, chocolate chips, and pecans, it’s tender, chewy, and earthy, a perfect rebuke to the damage done by the untold number of vegan baked goods sporting the mouthfeel of particleboard. In texture and flavor, the cookie could rival anything made with butter and eggs; a more accurate name for the Green Fig would be “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Dairy.”

I recommend getting the cookie with a tall glass of iced soy milk spiked with almond syrup, a concoction the guy behind the counter turned me on to. Sitting outside of the café, dunking the cookie into the milk, is a terrific way to enjoy the last vestiges of summer, not to mention a good way to start fattening up for the colder months.

Green Fig Café and Bakery
462 36th Street, Brooklyn