The Brooklyn Beefsteak Will Bring Butchered Bovines to the Bell House on Sept. 25


Fleisher’s beefy new blog isn’t the only news to report from the wide world of meat: On September 25, the Brooklyn Beefsteak will return, to the horror of PETA and the extreme joy of area carnivores.

Promising a seemingly endless supply of beef from Pat LaFrieda and beer from McSorley’s, the dinner, which will take place at the Bell House, will offer two seatings at $50 per ticket. For an extra $15, you can get a commemorative apron, though a bib may be more appropriate. As at the last Beefsteak, which took place in 2009, the Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. will provide musical accompaniment to the gorging.

On the occasion of the first Brooklyn Beefsteak, Josh Ozersky described the tradition, which originated in the early 20th century, as “the most Dionysian of all meat festivals, a beer- and blood- and grease-spattered bacchanal no modern milquetoast would be caught dead at.” Foie gras doughnut haters, consider this your clarion call to arms.