Westboro Baptist Says They’ll Protest Fashion Week


Tired, perhaps, of protesting gay marriage, as well as the funerals of soldiers, people who have died from AIDs, and little girls, Westboro Baptist Church, the hate-based Kansas “religious” sect focused on protesting tragedies or equal rights in order to make people really mad — so that they can then sue if and when those people get angry and attempt to retaliate physically (note: don’t do this, they want you to) — is now protesting…Fashion Week. Which is just so weird, and, in some ways, once you get beyond the hate-mongering, kind of hilarious. The stuff of good cinema, at the very least.

According to the New York Post, Westboro Baptist considers the models of Fashion Week to be “sluts” and “proud whores.” Meanwhile, the models of Fashion Week have likely never heard of Westboro Baptist and will wonder who the odd, pudgy people with the signs and ugly T-shirts are if and when they see them tomorrow outside of the tents at Lincoln Center.

Westboro Baptist spokesman Steve Drain, who has clearly never seen The Devil Wears Prada, vowed “to bring so much hate to Fashion Week that fashionistas will think John Galliano is in town.” He also instructed models, a/k/a, “proud whores,” to “Put some jeans on and fear God. Forget about all this fashion nonsense.”

But, Mr. Drain: Jeans ARE fashion. Except, probably, not your sort of jeans. Case in point:

“If they’re looking homely, they won’t fit in,” said 22-year-old male model Sven Marcelli.

Fashion Week sources say that security is taking the protest rumors seriously because they think the fashionable will be upset, offended, or possibly attempt to retaliate. (Remember: This is what they want you to do. So don’t.)

Rounding out their trip, Westboro also plans to protest several 9/11 memorial events on Sunday. Of course they do.

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