Sexy Tiger Love Triangle Results in Murder


A three-year-old Malaysian tiger in captivity at the El Paso Zoo killed her mate after she became jealous of his blossoming relationship with another tiger. Reuters has all the steamy details of this crime of feline passion that occurred Thursday afternoon. Seri attacked and killed her mate, six-year-old Wzui, after he fell in with 15-year-old Meli, an older seductress that was on loan from a zoo in Fresno. Hell hath no fury like a 220 lb Malaysian tiger scorned.

A press release from the zoo stated, “The male tiger Wzui likes both females, but the two females don’t like each other.” A day of affectionate playing between Seri and Wzui ended abruptly and without warning when Seri turned violent and killed her lover.

Zoo officials don’t know if Seri checked Wzui’s text messages, but a similar incident involving a Tiger precipitated after its mate checked his Blackberry.

The zoo says it plans to transfer another tiger to replace Wzui for mating purposes. We wish that new big cat the best of luck.

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