9/11 Anniversary; Swedish Terror Arrests; Cliff Robertson Passes Away


Commemorations of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks are being held around the country to remember those lost a decade ago. At the site of the World Trade Center memorial–which opens to the general public tomorrow–President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush will speak, as well as other officials who will give short readings. You can watch a live stream here. []

4 people suspected of plotting a terrorist attack were arrested in Sweden today. Details of the plan are scarce as of now, but a crowded art gallery was evacuated at about the same time the arrests were made. The men lived in Gothenburg, and police say they acted on “probably cause.” [CNN]

Cliff Robertson, the actor who played JFK in P.T. 109, died yesterday at the age of 88. Robertson won an Oscar for his role in Charly where he played a mentally ill janitor who temporarily becomes a genius through a scientific experiment. Most recently, he was known for his work as Uncle Ben in the Spider-Man movies. [Washington Post]

The USPS is set to release a Barbara Jordan commemorative stamp. Jordan was the second African-American woman to serve in Congress and her stamp is part of the Black Heritage Series. [Politico]

It’s expected to be partly cloudy today with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. [TWC]