More Than 180,000 Pounds of Turkey Meat Recalled


Approximately 185,000 pounds of ground turkey meat has been recalled by agriculture conglomerate Cargill, the Daily News reports. The recall was initiated after salmonella was discovered at an Arkansas processing plant. According to reports, no humans have fallen ill from this batch of tainted meat. This is the second time since August that Cargill has had to execute a large-scale turkey meat recall.

On August 3rd, health officials linked turkey contaminated with salmonella to the same Arkansas Cargill plant. Officials believe it caused a death in California, as well as 107 other reports of people who became ill across the country. After that, the company recalled 36 million pounds of turkey.

According to Cargill’s website, the recently discovered strain is the same as the strain from early August’s recall:

Cargill is initiating this recall as a result of one confirmed test sample taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) during a post-August 3 recall review of the processing facility, which yielded low levels of the same Salmonella Heidelberg strain that appears to match the strain previously associated with human illness.

Check the recall list to see how to identify the recalled turkey.

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