Deep Fried Bunny at Fatty ‘Cue Manhattan, Dish No. 24


We’ve had such a rash of fried chicken lately, it’s time for a change. The menu at the new Fatty ‘Cue on Carmine Street in “the City,” as Brooklyn denizens like to call it, has a menu twice the length of that at the mothership underneath the Williamsburg Bridge.

On a bill of fare that takes plenty of chances, the buttermilk-fried rabbit is actually a rather conservative choice. But for a few kinks of anatomy, you’d swear it was chicken, only fluffier and less greasy.

It has been “fried to perfection” as bad food writers say, and furnished with an amazing vinegar to be shaken and shaken again over the finger-lickin’ good chicken rabbit.

The vinegar contains fermented krill (baby shrimp), lime juice, and probably about a dozen other ingredients. It’s so good, you’ll want to dump it on everything in sight, just to see what it tastes like.

Fatty ‘Cue Manhattan
50 Carmine Street