Elettra Wiedemann Launches Goodness, a Pop-Up Restaurant for Fashionistas (Or At Least Those Who Eat)


Over the past year, we’ve seen many a chef get into the pop-up restaurant, but the person behind one of New York City’s most recent pop-ups is a bit, well, prettier than those who have come before her. Elettra Wiedemann, a model who is the face of Lancôme and the daughter of actress Isabella Rossellini, has launched a pop-up restaurant called Goodness to coincide with Fashion Week. “I thought of it as a pop-up during Fashion Week because people don’t have time to eat and are just eating chips or packaged foods,” she explained. “I thought it was a good opportunity to showcase the chefs’ talents and to eat healthily and locally. I wanted to nourish the food community this week.”

Wiedemann got the idea after completing a master’s at the London School of Economics, having written a dissertation on the future of feeding urban populations. “I’ve always been interested in environmental governance,” she said, noting that she worked with the chefs to create menus highlighting local foods.

And those chefs include Ed Brown, of Ed’s Chowder House (where the pop-up will take place); plus Christopher Rendell, who is previewing his menu for White Hall, set to open in October; and Rob Newton of Seersucker (yesterday featured the chefs from the Fat Radish). Wiedemann anticipates both a fashion and foodie crowd, declaring, “There’s a real link between chefs and designers. They both draw on experiences and flavors.” And New York City is only the beginning. “We would like to have Goodness at every Fashion Week and then bring it to the other cities that have Fashion Weeks, like London, Paris, and Milan. We’d showcase local chefs and then do culinary exchange programs so every city has a taste of the other.”