Fat White Castle Fan Sues Chain for Bigger Seat


Looking for a bit of food news to make you sad this morning? Have we got the item for you. A White Castle addict in Rockland County is suing his beloved fast-food chain for repeatedly breaking its promise to make the booths in his local branch bigger to accommodate his 290-pound frame.

According to the New York Post, stockbroker Martin Kessman is claiming that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to him, but has so far gotten no love from the chain other than three coupons for free hamburgers (cheese not included). He refused to use the coupons himself out of principle and sheer humiliation — so he sent his wife in for them.

There have been plenty of fast-food chain lawsuits that made us angry. This is the first to make us want to cry. It’s like we keep yelling at Harold and Kumar from our couch, “Just go somewhere else, damn it!”