Floyd Mayweather, You’re a Frat Boy! Stop Screwing Around with 50 Cent and Just Fight Manny Pacquiao Already.


If you’ve been wondering why Floyd Mayweather has, for the past two years, been unable to come to terms with Manny Pacquiao for a fight which could gross $100 million — or is that $150 million? — then take a look at this bit from HBO’s pre-fight publicity series, Mayweather vs. Ortiz 24/7, as part of the buildup for his September 17 match with Victor Ortiz.

Ask yourself what a man who could be on the verge of the biggest payday in boxing history is doing sitting around with 50 Cent making frat boy humor.

Or does it really qualify as humor? The stacks of cash were the lad’s winnings from a bet on preseason football games — and nothing screams “Gambling Addiction” like somebody who wagers stacks of green on preseason football.

Is Floyd trying to tell us that he’s been ducking Manny because he doesn’t need the money?

Sorry, Floyd, wrong number.

What you’re holding up to your ear is chump change compared to what you’d get for lasting one minute with Pacquiao — if you still have enough left to last that long.

Try laying off preseason NFL and putting some of that cash down on your own ass in the fight everyone wants to see.