Korilla BBQ Booted From The Great Food Truck Race for Cheating


Oh, Korilla, say it ain’t so! The Korean BBQ truck, whose chosun bowls we are so very fond of, has been kicked off of The Great Food Truck Race for cheating.

Midtown Lunch viewed last night’s episode of the reality show, which is basically like every other televised culinary competition, only with exhaust fumes. Host Tyler Florence announced that the truck, which had placed in the top four, would no longer participate in the competition because its owners had added $2,000 of their own money to their cash drawer in order to compensate for a lack of sales during the episode’s challenge.

Korilla’s owners have denied any wrongdoing with the emphatic tweet “WE WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON YOU NEW YORK.” Contractually, of course, they’re forbidden to discuss any details of the show until a much later date. Or, as they put it over Twitter, “1st Amendment rights went on a haitus and won’t be back till Spring.” (Well, that’s what happens when you sign your life away to a TV production company.) In the meantime, they’re scheduled to be open at Broadway and 116th at 12:30, serving lunch like they always do.