Mark Malkoff Wants to Give You a Free Cab Ride Tomorrow


Mark Malkoff, the comedian/filmmaker known for various video projects — he lived in his bathroom for a week, raced a bus on a Big Wheel, and brought a goat to an Apple store, among others — has a new project, which he’ll be filming tomorrow. And this one could benefit you in a monetary and transportational fashion! Malkoff has enlisted the help of a New York City cab driver, whom he’s calling “Monty” (he tells us Monty has requested anonymity). Monty and Malkoff together will be attempting to give out as many free cab rides as possible tomorrow, in boroughs throughout the city, with, surely, humorous effect.

Malkoff told us:

For my new video project filming tomorrow, September 13, I’m offering a free cab ride to any New Yorker. With the current state of the economy, a good percentage of individuals can’t afford to take a cab. Hopefully this small gesture will brighten up their day.

Beginning at 6 a.m. through the evening, individuals wanting a free cab ride should Tweet me at @mmalkoff with their location and desired destination. They are also welcome to e-mail me at

He’s planning on keeping the meter going for 12 hours straight and told us perks of the ride will include plenty of good conversation, plus solid air-conditioning. Alert to hair stylists, your presence is requested:

“I am hoping to entice a hair stylist to give me a free haircut in the back of the cab in exchange for a free ride. A haircut in moving cab is kind of risky, but I’m up for it.”

If you do want a ride, keep in mind you are likely to be filmed — the video will premiere on the 28th at Malkoff’s Determine for yourself whether that’s a point in favor or against this free ride.