Mike Bloomberg Kicks Larry David Out of New York City on Curb Your Enthusiasm


Did you see Mayor Bloomberg’s cameo on Curb Your Enthusiasm last night? If not, here you go. Our mayor, who is no stranger to a cameo, was particularly mayoral, banishing Larry David from our entire city for his typical Larry David-esque misstep (in this case, miming playing violin during Michael J. Fox’s speech — it was a present!).

The best part of all of this, however, has to be seeing the two Michaels together. Still, it doesn’t quite compare to Bloomberg’s classic “Subway Hero” moment from 30 Rock season two. Remember?

Dennis: When I say “Subway,” you say “Hero!” Subway!
Mayor Bloomberg: Hero?

How does Bloomberg feel about his most recent appearance on the small screen? “He doesn’t watch a lot of TV — in fact, he doesn’t really watch any TV,” [his spokesman Stu] Loeser said, via the New York Times City Room blog. “He probably doesn’t know what channel HBO is on.”