Tony Romo Throws Up; Jets Clean Up


Is Tony Romo the dumbest mo-fo in the National Football League?

“It was a dumb decision,” he said of the throw that lost the game to the Jets last night. “I should have made sure, and that was my fault. We win that football game if I don’t do what I did… ”

Well, Tony, that’s not exactly correct. The score was tied with 59 seconds to play, and the Cowboys had the ball at their own 41-yard line. Given the fact that Romo had already fumbled away a likely touchdown earlier in the quarter, there’s the distinct possibility that he would have found other ways to lose the game.

But the one he chose was absolutely classic.

First, the whole point of lining up over center to take the snap is to give the quarterback time to survey the field and see who is playing where. When you’re playing the New York Jets, that specifically means looking to see where Darrelle Revis is. No one disputes that Revis is the best coverage defensive back in the league, and there wasn’t any mystery as to where he was lining up — as you can see, he was less then five yards off Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, obviously intending to jam him as close as he could to the line or at least to keep him from getting down the line.

Being right-handed, if Romo rolled, it was probably going to be to the right side of the field for a sideline throw.

In other words, Romo not only knew where the league’s best coverage back was but also had him in his sights the entire time.

NBC’s Chris Collingsworth, the best pro football analyst on television, also noticed what Romo did not: Jets safety Brodney Pool was just a few yards in back of Bryant, thus allowing Revis to play in front of Bryant.

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, and even though the path to Bryant was clearly blocked by a guy in green and white — with another guy in green and white so near by that he might have made the interception himself — Romo, with a football IQ lower than a pickup truck loaded with anvils, threw it anyway. (The Jets, of course, won the game a few seconds later when kicker Nick Folk attempted a 50-yard field goal. Folk rocked.)

This is not to diminish the Jets’ accomplishment in this game — every time they had to make the big play, they did, especially in the fourth quarter. But last night, they were lucky that it was Tony Romo at quarterback instead of just about anyone else.