Viral 9/11 Tribute Photo, by John de Guzman, Is Actually from 2010


Everyone was freaking out about this photo, tweeted by the New York Post, last night. And, yeah, it is beautiful, and haunting. Only problem: It wasn’t taken last night, which the Post and others, initially indicated. (Those are in fact 10,000 migrating birds trapped in the lights, a situation we wrote about last year on this blog.)

After John de Guzman, who took the picture in September of 2010, realized it had been picked up by another Twitter user from his Flickr account and posted to that person’s Twitpic account, then picked up and tweeted by the New York Post, he engaged in Twitter battle to get the rightful date and credit acknowledged, with folks coming to his aid. This morning, @MichelleMalkin tweeted a credit to Guzman, which the Post retweeted. The paper later tweeted a direct link to de Guzman’s Flickr account, with the corrected date.

Twitter justice!

For the record, De Guzman’s 2011 photos are quite moving as well. (The building on the left is 70 Little West Street.)

De Guzman, for his part, tweeted this morning,