9/11 Memorial Spells Victim’s Name Wrong


Jeffrey Schreier, a victim of the September 11 attacks who worked at Cantor Fitzgerald, had his name inscribed, along with the names of the 2,982 other victims, in the bronze memorial at Ground Zero. His family went there on Sunday to pay respects and grieve, located his name . . . and found it spelled wrong, “Jeffery” instead of “Jeffrey.” They, quite reasonably, were not happy — “Jeffery”?

His sister, Janice Hart, noticed the error with her husband, David. NBC NY reports,

“You feel as though Jeffrey’s soul is now looking down and saying, ‘Can’t you get my name right?'” added David Hart.

“This is the only place we could go to have some solace, and to see his name engraved incorrectly was very distressing to us,” said Janice Hart.

9/11 Memorial spokesman Michael Frazier has acknowledged the error and says they regret it — it was, according to Frazier, a matter of bad data entry. And it will be fixed.

“As soon as we found out about this error, we began working on how to make it right and we’re engaged with our fabricators, contractors and the architect to do so,” he said.

Proofreading: never a bad thing. Especially when something is being set in stone. Or bronze.

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