A Full Page in The New Metrosource


That’s what I got thanks to Tom & Lorenzo‘s succulent interview with me in the gay monthly’s new food issue.

(Well, I serve dish, remember? Besides, utensils are in my book’s title.)

Thanks, Tom, Lorenzo, and Metrosource editor-in-chief Paul Hagen.

By the way, here’s what I told Tom & Lorenzo about Calvin Klein.

They asked me about my fiery tirades when Calvin threw a 21st birthday party for his ex-porn beau.

I replied:

“My feeling was that Calvin is nuts to think that this is some kind of real-love situation that you can celebrate.

“I have nothing against it; every relationship is a situation where each party is getting something out of the other party, but let’s not confuse it with Romeo and Juliet any more than if I would have a party for a man that ****s me in a video store.

“Well, I would have a party, but I wouldn’t invite Anna Wintour!”