Absolut Wine? Say It Ain’t So.; Yet Another Baby Gets Served Booze


Absolut Wine? Not quite, but the Swedish vodka maker has paired up with Brancott Estate to release a “sparkling fusion” of vodka and sauvignon blanc.

A number of Long Island wineries have hired chefs, despite the state law that, in most cases, limits them to serving finger food.
[NY Times]

Brown-liquor companies are targeting women with flavored whiskeys. This fall, look for Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper, co-branded with Tabasco.

More booze for babies: an Ohio Outback accidentally served a four-year-old girl a vodka and peach schnapps drink.
[NY Daily News]

A number of major beer brands — especially “full-calorie” beers — suffered a drop in sales, including Bud.

Brits might soon drink more beer at home than in pubs. The bar industry there is blaming supermarkets for undercutting them.