Bear Grylls Answers Questions on Reddit; Redditors Make Pee Jokes


Bear Grylls, English adventurer, Man vs. Wild man, youngest Briton to climb Everest, fairly badass person, memorable pee-drinker/pee-memer, is currently doing an IAmA on Reddit. He has been answering questions for about the past hour. People are excited! It is a moment long dreamed of.

Grylls, posting as TheAdrenalist, writes,

Hello, Reddit! Let’s have some fun. Ask away. FYI, I will be responding in text and video. So be patient I will try to answer as many as we can get through!

Some questions from Redditors, and answers:

What scenario did you come across while filming that was completely unexpected and really caught you off-guard?
Rockfalls have often caught us out unexpectedly–Ian one of our crew got caught in a nasty one in NZ recently and broke 6 ribs. But he is mending now! Just got to be careful always and look out for each other I guess.

Do you feel your camera man gets the recognition he deserves? Always wondered how he does all the same things, but whilst holding a camera. It impresses me.
Yep he’s a very nice handsome dude. (by the way he is here with me in the studio and I am answering this under duress!!!!!)

What’s your favorite hobby other than surviving?
Playing guitar with my kids.

What was the least favorite thing you’ve ever forced yourself to eat? And what was the most surprisingly good thing you’ve ever eaten in the wild?

And, still unanswered, along with many questions/comments about drinking one’s own piss (countered by requests to “really ask him some good questions rather than go on about the piss meme”) is this:

How much mental preparation did it take to squeeze the moisture out of the elephant dung? I almost threw up watching that. Big fan of the show!

Sometimes the Internet really outdoes itself. Ask your question while you can!