Betsey Johnson Cartwheels To More Glory As Nicki Minaj Cheers


Irrepressible legend Betsey Johnson turned it out once again yesterday with a sexy, lusty show filled with clothes to die for.

I loved getting a fourth-row seat, because as any fool knows, four is the new one!

And the gift bags were divoon, with socks, chocolates, perfume, and “tinsel twirl”!

What’s more, I got to hobnob with celebrity guest Nicki Minaj, who happened to be wearing a teased-up bluish wig, a spin-art-style ensemble, a Flinstones-y necklace, and pretty bows on her ankles.

She’s a one-woman fashion show.

“What’s your style?” I asked her, brilliantly.

“Crazy,” she replied, “like in Japan.”

“And where do you draw the line?” I wondered.

“I don’t!” exclaimed Nicki Minaj, who’s my new favorite person.