David Weprin: First Political Victim of Same-Sex Marriage Backlash?


When we last saw Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, he was bawling in the Capitol in Albany, dismayed that the Senate had just passed the Marriage Equality Act.

Judging from the above tweet, Brown has something to be quite gleeful about tonight: Their first time out, NOM appears to have made good on their promise to wipe out anyone in New York who voted for same-sex marriage.

Ironically, their first case was not an alleged RINO, one of those four Republicans who crossed the aisle in the Senate to pass the bill.

Rather, it was David Weprin, a member of the Assembly, where gay marriage bills passed easily four different times. His vote was never a tie-breaker.

And he’s an Orthodox Jew.

Running in a district with a large Jewish population.

In New York City.

And he still lost!

Politicians who are on the fence about coming out for marriage equality will undoubtedly take note of NOM’s success with a seat which should have been a cakewalk for the Democrats.

Wiser heads than ours can probably argue that there were larger forces at play than simply marriage equality.

Still, judging from the stream in our (extremely) little slice of the twitterverse, NY-9 was all about gay marriage, Weprin’s vote, and NOM’s vow to take him on.

And unquestionably, today the marriage equality foes won — both in NY-9 and in North Carolina.