Do or Dine to Host BDGA Kitchen, a Bodega-Inspired Pop-Up


Our own Lauren Shockey was recently charmed by the offbeat food and über-casual vibe at Do or Dine. On September 20, the whimsical Bed-Stuy restaurant will play host to BDGA Kitchen, a bodega-themed dining experience designed by a new pop-up company called Underground Eats.

The invitation reads: “The highbrow-lowbrow environment will feature an adventurous six-course tasting with canapés, art installation, cocktail pairings and malt liquor.”

We’re listening.

“Menu highlights include chilled chanterelle soup with Colt .45 gelee and Domaine de la Romanee Patee: jamaican beef patty with melted epoisses and a splash of DRC table-side.”

Say whaaaa? A “splash” of DRC is rare anywhere — never mind with a Jamaican patty in Bed-Stuy.

Underground Eats co-founder Adam Sirois says the idea came from both his and the Do or Dine team’s experience living in ‘hoods that rely on bodegas as a main food source. The guest list for this event is invite-only, but you can sign up for future events at