Fashion Week: Tank Girl Meets Jen Kao


Jen Kao’s Spring 2012 collection embodied a glamorous-yet-tough-girl flair that was edgy and vibrant, but the hairstyles and headpieces that complemented the outfits really added the extra oomph. “The inspiration was glam grunge and Tank Girl, the comic,” said head hair stylist, Peter Grey.

On the models, he thought of the idea to add embroidery string to braids that were peek-a-booing on the side of the head. “It was intended to be fun and something you can do yourself; it’s very easy.”

While carefully undoing the models’ hairdos so they could get to the next show, Grey said he hoped that the spring hair trends will be a bit more daring. “Let’s be adventurous with our hair. Anything but natural, please.”