NYPD Investigated for Excessive Use of Dance at the West Indian Day Parade


A video originally posted to — the title of the clip is “NY Cops Wilding Out On Labor Day 2011: Daggering On The Parkway! (Grinding And All)” — shows several uniformed NYPD officers, er, dirty dancing against scantily clad costumed performers in the West Indian Day Parade.

Granted, it’s not exactly classy behavior — your mom probably wouldn’t approve, unless she runs a male strip joint — but, at the same time, no one seems to be upset; everyone appears to be laughing and having a good time. However, as the New York Post reports,

The NYPD has launched an investigation after a raunchy YouTube video surfaced featuring uniformed officers gyrating and rubbing their crotches against semi-nude women at the violence-racked West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.

That’s right, that was the parade in which nine people were shot, and two killed “along or near the parade route.” (One of those, Denise Gay, might have been killed by a stray bullet from a police gun.) And then there was that whole other incident with the cops being excessively coplike, and not excessively dancelike, in which they detained (and knocked down) Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s aide Kirsten John Foy just for walking on a sidewalk.

There’s no proof that these particular dancing cops could have stopped any of those shootings or were even near them — nor that they had anything to do with the Williams/Foy incident. And, in fact, they were right in the midst of the parade, which is where they were likely assigned to be, to protect people. Should they have been dirty dancing? Probably not, given the PR situation the NYPD is up against and the fact that it’s sort of cringe-worthy. Did they kill people by doing it? Doubtful.

Update, from the Post: Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he wishes the officers hadn’t done it — but that “it wasn’t unusual for police assigned to patrol the parade to get caught up in its rowdy spirit.”

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