Pizzeria 900 Degrees Goes up in Smoke


After only four months, the city’s strangest pizza appears to be no more.

900 Degrees, the East Coast descendant of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, shows all signs of having closed a few weeks ago, according to Eater. The restaurant, which opened on Seventh Avenue South in May, has been dark at night; phone calls are directed to a full voicemail box, and a pile of unread mail languishes on the counter. Not, in other words, signs of a thriving business.

In reviewing the restaurant in June, Our Man Sietsema noted that it occupied a “doomed space” (one previously occupied by a Thai bistro). Although he praised some of its many pizzas, he found their quality uneven, and observed of one, “This pie tastes like it was just delivered from Domino’s.” The 900 Degrees website is still up and running, with promises of gift cards and live music, regardless of the lack of an actual audience.