‘Village Doorman’ May Prevent You Trekking Out to That Faraway Package Warehouse


In New York, it’s hard to get package deliveries when they arrive unless you’re home sick, you live in a dorm, or you have a doorman. If you miss the package three times in a row, it’s sent off to this weird warehouse far away, and you have to go pick it up, which is a pain in the ass. Just like everything else these days, there’s now an app for this, or at least a service you can sign up for online. It’s called Village Doorman, and it’s what it sounds like: a virtual doorman. Of sorts.

According to co-founder JR Yujuico (the other partner is his friend Adham Zaki; both have a finance background), the idea is that the service makes deals with local businesses who will get compensated for receiving packages for people. So if your local laundromat or something (Yujuico says they’ve had good luck getting pet stores to sign on) signs up with Village Doorman, your packages can get delivered there and you’ll be notified via e-mail, text, or voicemail.

Sounds good, but don’t a lot of people already have deals like this worked out with their corner deli or liquor store (or whatever)? Yujuico admitted that “a lot of people already offer this service to their customers. Usually people we’ve spoken with say ‘We already do this for the building upstairs.’ In some cases they wanted to do it [sign on with Village Doorman] to make more money. In other cases they didn’t want to rock the boat.”

Yujuico says the company has already recruited 17 businesses in the Village and hopes to expand across the city. He pointed out that the businesses involved will receive half of the fees, while Village Doorman will cover transaction costs and “offer a platform and marketing.” If you’re down to pay an extra $4 per package, Village Doorman could definitely be your thing; otherwise, befriend your bodega guys.