Why Can’t God Love The Gays?


A new book called Revealing the Unspeakable Bible Verses by Earl Ponder looks at the discrepancies and inconsistencies in the Holy Books, which are filled with really powerful stuff — unless you keep reading and find a mass of contradictions and “Huh?” moments that seem to turn the previous passages into pillars of salt.

And salt can cause high blood pressure!

Writes Ponder:

“If the God of the Bible created male and female in his image, why should God have hatred against homosexuals?

“After all, they are the images of God; HE CREATED THEM, according to what is written in the Bible.

“All creations are supposedly created the same as himself.

“He should love, protect, and guide all his creations.”

Good points, but I can just hear the Bible thumpers’ response:

“He does love all his creations, but he detests it when they sin.

“And sinning is a choice, not something God created. It’s a flaw that is the result of bad human behavior. God can’t protect that.”

Oh, shut up, imaginary homophobes!