Al di La’s Wait Staff Are Crime-Fighting Superstars


Petty thieves and assorted miscreants, you may want to remove al di là from your hit list.

According to a Fucked in Park Slope reader, a waitress and female bartender at the restaurant’s wine bar foiled a purse-snatching attempt there earlier this week. Apparently a woman came in and asked to use the bathroom, and on her way out stole a customer’s purse. The bartender and waitress ran after her and caught her, and a crowd surrounded the woman until the police arrived.

Those who keep tabs on restaurant crime-fighting may recall that in June, James Fry, the chef at Café Katja, helped to chase down some suspects who had just robbed a clothing store on Orchard Street. The upshot of the incident? “Don’t fuck with Orchard Street,” as Fry told The Lo-Down. Looks like the same can now be said of Park Slope’s genteel regional Italian restaurants.