Apple Café Bakery Set to Open Next Week, Will Sell African Pies


Organic Avenue isn’t the only spot foodies may soon flock to on West 8th Street. Apple Café Bakery is set to open next week at 24 West 8th Street, according to its owners, who told us as we walked by the other day. A new bakery in the neighborhood is always cause for excitement, but Apple Café isn’t just any old bakery. It’s going to be a semi-Gambian bakery.

DNAinfo reported back in June that the bakery would sell African treats like Gambian pumpkin pie, plus croissants, cupcakes, bagels, cookies, Mexican-style flan, gelato, and other sweets, like peanut butter pie. Presumably construction got delayed, unsurprising since the storefront was once a wine shop, meaning that it would have to be reconfigured for a kitchen. The interior looks somewhat sparse for now, but the opening date is still several days away. Until then, let’s cross our fingers that they’ll sell the Gambian treat of chakery, a unique sweet couscous pudding.