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Broken Subway Door Chimes: A Mini-Investigation


A YouTube poster recently uploaded this video, remarking on the “new weird door chime sound” he heard and recorded while riding on one of the 7 Train’s R62A cars. It prompted our curiosity. Was this a new, weird, but sort of pleasant, door chime sound from the MTA?

Nope, said Kevin Ortiz, MTA spokesman. It’s defective, not a new one–and it will be fixed. Chimes are based on subway class, and there are various types of them. A malfunctioning door chime is not a particular priority for the MTA (nor do we suggest it should be–did you hear work will begin this month to extend the 7 line to 11th Avenue in Manhattan?), but Ortiz said they don’t malfunction often, and that repairs are made when cars go in for periodic/scheduled inspections.

For the record, this is not the only way a subway door chime can go wrong.




Weird but cute:

And here’s the classic (correct!) chime you’re probably used to:

But our favorite has got to be this (How is that man so perky?):

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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