Cockatiel Survived Hurricane Irene on the City Streets With Only the Words ‘Pretty Bird’


Today in adorable animals in trouble, now not in trouble anymore: The best New York City hurricane story, via DNA Info, has to be the tale of 14-year-old cockatiel Josie, who is a he, and who escaped from a pet carrier along with another bird, Cliffy, while the two were on their way to the vet on the Friday before Irene was set to hit. Their owner, Jim DiGiovanni, has no idea what Josie, who can only say “Pretty bird,” was up to during the hurricane, but it was presumably not buying as many bottles of water as he could carry from a nearby bodega. Or much fun.

“Where Josie was during the hurricane, only Josie knows,” said the bird’s owner, Jim DiGiovanni.

After plastering the Upper West Side with posters of the missing birds, and offering a reward, DiGiovanni and his partner, John Casserly, were called about Cliffy, who had been injured and later died. (Sad!) On Tuesday, four days after Josie went missing, DiGiovanni and Casserly got a call about him. He had been discovered under a bench in Central Park at East 66th Street.

This is the part that will make you melt, even if you are not bird people:

When DiGiovanni and Casserly arrived minutes later, Josie perked up immediately, Libner said. “The second their voices were audible to the bird, it started chirping,” Libner said. “It was immediately responsive to the owners.”

Josie spent four days in emergency care–he lost a ton, or many grams, of weight during his ordeal–and is now back in DiGiovanni’s Upper West Side apartment. Awwwww.

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