Fashion Week: Heavy Heads at Electric Feathers, Hawaiian Hair at Timo Weiland


Heads looked heavy at the Electric Feathers collection, where models were outfitted in turbans and scarves to complement the wearable flats and flowy frocks. Turns out, the gear was made of lightweight silk with silk piping to hold Ellen Johnson’s textured hairstyles.

“I mainly used Shu Uemura products because they have the perfect weight and versatility needed as a foundation to hold the scarves,” explained Johnson. “The entire collection is made up of convertible pieces that are well-suited for traveling. It brings to mind exotic locations, play, and versatility in any occasion. This affected the way I chose to leave the hair uncoiffed as if one might just tie a scarf in or pin it up while traveling.”

The mood this created was romantic and elegant, though the clothing could have been more on the daring side.

Meanwhile, Timo Weiland was all about the coif. “Timo wanted something very trendy, Hawaiian-like, but simple,” explained chief hair stylist, Ouidad. “The models have different looks; some of them have their hair down in loose waves or with these sleek French twists that were inspired by the ’60s and ’70s.”

The line consisted of pieces with digital floral prints in free flowing fabrics. There was everything from rompers to playful accessories such as drawstring hobo bags and snapback hats to crop tops. The menswear featured bright colored pants, printed windbreaker jackets, and comfortable shorts that looked like swimming trunks.

The models got their hair done pretty quickly, since the stylists used minimal products. “We just used the climate control heat and humidity gel to protect the girls’ hair and then finishing spray,” said Ouidad.