Fashion Week: Sang A Empties Your Leather Wallet


Sang A Im-Propp’s luxury handbags are totally lustworthy — just don’t think about having anything left to put inside them. Some of the bags sell for up to $10,000. Sang A’s latest collection of clutches, satchels, crossbody messengers, and wallets, however, is on the more affordable scale, about $800 and up. Yesterday we got a look as they hung on various art pieces and ladders at Mixed Greens Gallery.

“My signature style for my handbags is futuristic, classic, with a dose of whimsy and a downtown edge,” said the designer.

Alaina Alvarez, the assistant designer, explained that Sang A loves art and felt that it was most appropriate to show the collection at a gallery. “We love that industrial feeling, and the artwork definitely conveys a more luxurious feeling to compliment the handbags,” said Alvarez.