Manhattan Bridge Will Star in a Far-Out Light Show Next Week


Trippy. But why?

Next week, the Manhattan Bridge will be lit up by 20 artists projecting cool things on it. The piece, part of a two-day Dumbo arts festival, is called “Immersive Surfaces.” It’s happening September 23-25.

Per the website:

Immersive Surfaces explores ideas of “crowd art,” and the meaning of surface as a media platform in a specific cityscape. Presented in three phases, Immersive Surfaces presents 18 works in a more traditional video art format, on a projected, Op-Art background, which animates itself in the second part of the program before leading into the climactic third section of the show. “As Above, So Below,” is a new art/media collaboration covering 25,000+ continuous sq. ft. of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage and Archway. One of the largest single projections ever presented.

[Curbed via Animal NY]