Marty Markowitz Is Retiring


Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn borough president, friend to the people (and Atlantic Yards), enemy of bike lanes, guy who had once considered replacing Mayor Bloomberg in 2013, is no longer thinking he wants to be mayor, according to the New York Post. Markowitz can’t run again for borough president due to term limits, so he might be giving up politics in general. According to sources, “he’s grown tired of the strains of political life altogether and is not planning to run for any other elected post.”

“He just wants to retire when this term is up and spend more time with his wife and enjoy himself,” said a political insider. “It’s a right he’s earned.”

This comes after Markowitz’s ethics issue in July, in which the city Conflicts of Interest Board fined him $20,000 for accepting free travel for his wife who accompanied him on business trips to Turkey and the Netherlands, though representatives of Markowitz said this was unrelated to the decision not to run.

No formal announcements have been made yet. The big question, along with who will replace Marty Markowitz? is does Fuhgeddaboutit retire too?

Fuhgeddaboutit! B’klyn Beep Marty retiring from politics [NYP]