Michele Bachmann’s Book Cover Revealed; We Make It Steve Buscemi-y


Michele Bachmann has had quite a week! Besides being on the cover of this week’s Voice (where we reveal that we actually agree with her campaign against fluorescent light bulbs!) and causing a ruckus about HPV during national debates, and generally just staying in the news, as she is wont to do, the cover of her book was revealed! The Daily Beast posted the image earlier today, and people on Tumblr took to photoshopping it and making it more internetty. Well, despite spending the day focusing on how beautiful our new homepage looks (did you see our redesign? It’s the bee’s knees!) we took a moment to add our two cents, as we are wont to do, to the Bachmann book debacle by getting Steve Buscemi up in the mix. After the jump, the bastard child of a lot of internet memes.

That’s all we’re going to say about this.