Someone Paid $25,200 for a Painting of a Chase Bank on Fire


People really hate banks right now, so much that they are willing to take money out of those banks to buy pictures of those banks on fire. Alex Schaefer, who painted this lovely oil on canvas of a Chase bank on fire and then put it up for sale on eBay — drawing attention from eager potential buyers as well as the police, who contacted him to find out if he was planning to set a bank on fire himself — has made $25,200 for the piece of art, which got 70 bids.

Schaefer, who resides in California (his paintings are of local branches — we’ve contacted him to see if he’ll consider out of town gigs) assured the cops he wasn’t actually planning to set a bank on fire, that this was art, and, when they visited his house to find out if he was a terrorist, re-explained that the work was a “visual metaphor for the havoc that banking practices have caused to the economy.”

Thanks to that, and the power of the Internet, Schaefer now has an entire cottage industry of burning bank paintings!

By the way, the buyers of the painting are European, and probably don’t bank at Chase.

Which bank would you like to see burnt, metaphorically? We say that one where the ATM vestibule always smells like pee. Metaphorically.