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The Ohio Theatre Returns as “The New Ohio Theatre”


Downtown stalwart the Ohio Theatre, forced out of its longtime home at 66 Wooster Street last year, has announced that its new Christopher Street location in the Archive Building will be called The New Ohio Theatre. Aptly enough.

They’ve also announced that the first season in their new space, which seats 72, will officially begin on October 7, with the production of Erica Fae and Jill A. Samuels’s Take What Is Yours. The fall will then continue with Joseph Gallo’s Two-Man Kidnapping Rule, beginning October 29, and with David Jenkins’s Post Office, which debuts on November 30.

For those interested in checking out the new locale a little earlier than that, and consuming some alcoholic beverages while doing so, the theater will be hosting an open house party on Friday, September 23, beginning at 8 p.m. Details on the season and event can be found at