Simon Cowell Thinks Ryan Seacrest Is Insincere


Can you imagine that?

He probably also thought William Hung was off key!

Anyway, in the new TV Guide, the X Factor king says Ryan’s basically as phony as a three dollar bill.

As Cowell recalls (while having an imaginary chat with the absent Ryan for the interviewer), “I’d say, ‘Remember all the people who cried in these auditions?’ and you’d say, ‘I’m going to miss you so much. I care so much about you.’

“Have you ever picked up the phone and said ‘Are you OK?’ The answer is never. It’s all for TV.

“The difference with me is I have no qualms saying whether I like you or dislike you. I find it more unkind when you give someone false hope.”

To me, Ryan calling would be more like a threat than anything involving hope.

(Kidding. I actually find him semi sort of cutelet in a three-dollar-bill sort of way.)