The Blonds Turn Out A Playboy Fashion Show As Johnny Weir Cheers


The radiant couple the Blonds delivered a sparkly, sexy, pom-pom-breasted and hyper leggy bunch of Bunny outfits last night, Phillipe Blond himself starting and ending the show with glittery allure.

Playboy was the sponsor and the inspiration, making this the biggest fusion of a hetero institution and queeralicious culture since the Village People sang “Y.M.C.A.”

That interesting amalgam Johnny Weir was applauding from the front row–he’s a fan–but before it started, Johnny had told me, “This is my last show. I’m a fall/winter guy. I’m a skater! I like furs! I can’t keep up with these bitches in their summer outfits,” he added, laughing.

And yet, in the delectable Norma Shearer-meets-Sonja Henie-outfit he was wearing, Johnny would certainly have been welcome in the Playboy mansion.

Me too! Check it out!

Here’s Sylvia Miles at the Serendipty event I mentioned in the comment below: