Willow, Cat Lost in Colorado 5 Years Ago, Was Found on East 20th Street


Five years ago, a calico cat named Willow went missing from her Rocky Mountain home. She was found yesterday, in New York City, on East 20th Street — more than 1,600 miles from where she escaped on a day in 2006 or 2007 when contractors left a door to the house she lived in open. It’s definitely her, because she was microchipped as a kitten. The Squire family — “in which two of the three kids (17, 10, and 3) and one of the two dogs (a yellow Lab named Roscoe) may remember her” — is floored.

The Squires thought that the tiny cat, at five and a half pounds when she disappeared, must have met an unfortunate end, and had never expected to find her again. So, they were “shocked and astounded” upon receiving a call from New York City Animal Care & Control after a man found her and took her to a shelter. Obviously, there are a lot of questions here, few of which can be answered for as long as cats can’t talk, but the main point is, if you don’t feel a few tears welling up inside about this tale, you probably have no soul.

The aw moment, if you haven’t had it already:

“My husband said, ‘Don’t say anything to the kids yet. We have to make sure,'” Squires said. “But then we saw the picture, and it was Willow. It’s been so long.”

Willow is now 7 pounds, healthy, “well-mannered,” and people who know this sort of thing feel like she’s probably not been living on the streets of New York this whole time. The Squires are eager to get her back and see what her city livin’ personality will be like. For example, is she all “New Yorky” now?

Aw moment number 2:

“The kids can’t wait to see her,” Squires said. “And we still have her little Christmas stocking.”

Update: Mayor Bloomberg, asked about Willow by reporters, said, “I think what it does show is that everybody in the end wants to come and live in New York. Cats reputedly have nine lives and he [sic] clearly wanted to spend at least one of them here in New York City.”

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