Comments of the Week: The Village Voice T-Shirt Giveaway!


Every week we highlight the comments that made us laugh, cry, appreciate another’s intellect, or give our heads a thorough scratching — and then we reward the authors of those comments with a Village Voice T-shirt. Apparently they are both comfy and fashionable! Here are the comments of the week (commenters, mail our Web Editor Francesca Stabile to get your tees).

On Willow, Cat Lost in Colorado 5 Years Ago, Was Found on East 20th Street, from “Hargr003”: “Obviously Willow had hoped to make it big on Broadway. In ‘Cats.'”

In response to the descriptions of Mark Malkoff’s videos in Mark Malkoff Wants to Give You A Free Cab Ride, “coolguy” said, “Is there an unedited version of the ‘week in the bathroom’ video? That sounds fascinating.”

And, for a comment that is both as enthusiastic as it is thorough, we have ‘Blockt’s’ comment from Floyd Mayweather, You’re a Fratboy!:

I love how all Floydiots delude themselves into thinking that Floyd isn’t at least partially responsible for “the fight” not happening. There was a second round of negotiations in the summer of 2010. In fact, even ex-HBO Sports head honcho, Ross Greenburg (who has close ties to Mayweather manager, Al Haymon) confirmed there was. Mayweather’s reaction? “No negotiations ever took place”. Ummmmmm…okay, Floyd.

In the LA presser for the upcoming Mayweather-Ortiz fight, Floyd proclaims, “Pacquiao, you’re next!” A few days later, at his gym in Las Vegas, he was asked by a reporter about his recent comment calling out Pacquiao. Floyd responds with this gem: “I never said that Pacquiao was next.”

The problem with his denial: he was caught on video both times. There are so many lies and half-truths coming out of Floyd’s mouth, I don’t think even he knows what’s up.

“It hasn’t taken Floyd anytime to agree to fight”? As I said, delusional.

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