Dish No. 20: Ukrainian Meatball Hero at Veselka


For a while now, our go-to meatball hero has been the chicken meatball and mozzarella topped with mushroom gravy from the Meatball Shop. It’s savory and cheesy and a big satisfying bite. But then we stumbled across the Ukrainian meatball hero at Veselka and now our sandwich love has been split.

Served on a chewy challah baguette, the pork and beef-based meatballs come topped with a thick mushroom gravy and also a hearty dose of lightly tart sauerkraut made with both cabbage and carrots. At $11.95 it hits the top of one’s lunchtime budget, but seriously, this thing is so big that it easily serves two, plus it comes with a hearty portion of crisp fries. While the meatballs could be slightly juicier, they are still tender and soft, and the gravy adds a great savory kick overall. It’s a messy sandwich, for sure, but one that will certainly put you in a good mood to return to work post-lunch. Or maybe in the mood for a nap.

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