Fashion Week: Our Five Favorite Moments


“Oh, I get it, Fashion Week is like Comic-Con,” someone obviously not in the fashion world said to us. After we got over the “How dare you mock fashion?” notion, we realized he was right. Fashion Week is much like the the annual comic book convention in which comic geeks dress up like their favorite super heroes and wait in line for hours to meet actors, artists, and writers, and preview up-coming Sci-Fi films.

At Fashion Week, fashion enthusiasts are dressed to the nines, attempting to stand out, and converge in a sanctuary of style to preview collections, take pictures with celebrities, and wait in massive lines to watch runway shows by their favorite designers. So we guess it’s safe to proclaim: We’re fashion geeks!

Alas, Fashion Week is over, but it’s actually a good thing. After a week of running around from show to show, exhaustion weighs in, and everything starts looking the same. But before we bid arrivederci to yet another season, here’s a look back on our favorite moments during Fashion Week.

5. Backstage Shenanigans

We’ve told you that runway shows happen in an instant, which means we have lots of time to be nosy, chat with the masters of Fashion Week at Lincoln Center (security), watch make-up artists do their thing, spy on models being normal, see (and touch) the clothes up close, etc. etc. There’s a whole world of chaos and behind-the-scenes shenanigans going on backstage, that the actual runway show is secondary.

4. Presentations

Presentations, as opposed to runway shows, are a much-needed diversion from the shows going on in the tents. Fashion is about unpredictability, and a presentation is perfect for breaking the mold and exhibiting the clothes in an innovative way. Some of the extraordinary presentations this year included Juan Carlos Obando, who gave guests white wine as they viewed the glamorous floor-length gowns on a gorgeous floral backdrop, and Porter Grey, who didn’t have an over-the-top presentation because the classic casual styles of the clothes spoke for itself. Rachel Roy’s presentation on the Avery Fisher Hall balcony was simply stunning, with the sun’s rays shining off the beautiful clothes. And Mimi Plange’s show at Asia Society’s cafe made us feel as if we were in a tropical rain-forest, with rain coming down outside while a charming setting of trees indoors enhanced Plange’s floral and colorful dresses.

3. Goodies

Getting swag is a great perk at Fashion Week, although it can be quite useless at times (anti-wrinkle cream and fiber bars?). But this year we scored big with a cute tote, featuring the designer’s face, from the Paola Hernandez show. Anna Sui handed out a bag that included Anna Sui makeup products and perfume. And at Fashion’s Night Out we came out on top with cotton candy and vodka snow cones.

2. Fashion’s Night Out

Speaking of Fashion’s Night Out, part of the exhaustion that we spoke of earlier has to do with the pre-FNO countdown, FNO itself, and post-FNO recovery. Yeah, it’s that it intense. But you know all about that already.

1. Best In Show

We witnessed some unique and noteworthy shows, but these are our top four of the season: Tracy Reese, Paola Hernandez, Porter Grey, and Anna Sui.

See you in February for the next installment of Fashion Week!