“It Slithers. It Slides. It Nibbles. It Gnaws.”


That’s the tag line for the 1982 camp classic Parasite, which was basically a bargain basement ripoff of Alien, and which featured the bizarre cast of Demi Moore, Cherie Currie, and Vivian Blaine.

But it’s a great tag line.

Let’s think of some other great lines that could sum up a movie (whether real or imaginary).

Before you do that, let me whet your kitsch quotient by telling you some other actual ones I found on a shelf somewhere by the highway:

*”The dogs of hell walk the earth–the devil strides beside….”

(A Killing Affair with Peter Weller and Kathy Baker)

*”A hearing impaired football player encounters prejudice.”

(Choices with Demi Moore–yep, her again–and Victor French)

*”He bought a miracle of science…with his soul.”

(Chiller with Paul Sorvino and Michael Beck)

Your turn.