Jay Shells, Etiquette Sign Artist, Says He Wanted to Make One Saying ‘Fox News Lies’ (on Fox News)


Via our friends at Animal NY, here’s a rather hilarious, slightly awkward video of Jay Shells, the artist behind the “Metropolitan Etiquette Authority” signs peppering the streets of NYC with messages like “Pull Up Your Pants” and “Clean Up After Your Horse.” He recently went on Fox News to talk about “battling bad manners in the big city.” All is hunky dory until the end, when our artist, etiquette be damned, gets in his own amazing dig about Fox News. Watch!

We talked to Shells about the experience, which, he told us, he’d been planning — it was the only way he’d talk to them. He said, “You couldn’t tell how horribly nervous I was? I was swallowing and looking all shifty eyed. It was pretty uncomfortable. After I said that, most of the studio erupted with laughter. Of course, because of the way the mics are set up, you could barely hear it on TV. The producer who took my mic off was cracking up and whispered in my ear, ‘That was fucking great, man.’ Then I bounced the fuck out. I thought the men in black were following me out. I really felt like I was behind enemy lines being in there, the belly of the beast, the threshold of hell. But I made it out alive, with only a handful of hate-email waiting in my inbox.”


Jay Shells Promotes His New Signs On Fox News, Then Punks Them [Animal NY]

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